Alberta Strong

So many families and people have lost their homes and are displaced from the wildfire at Fort McMurray. There will be so much to rebuild and replace.

I first want to acknowledge all the firefighters and RCMP and first responders who are truly heroes!

It was heart wrenching watching the news, it must have been so incredibly horrifying for those people.

So many people wanted to help in whatever way they could. One thing that is for sure is that people from Alberta, and all across Canada, North America throughout the world have showed so much support and caring at this tragic time for the citizens and of the wildfire.

Individuals and businesses big and small have came together and donated money, supplies, clothing, toys, their time and so much more. People have offered up their homes to shelter people needing a place to stay. The giving is phenomenal.

Our community of Wetaskiwin and it’s citizens have been involved and it seems everyone is doing what they can. From lemonade stands to collections of goods for the victims, monetary donations and so much more. There has been such an outpouring of support.


IMG_0879 (2)

This is a local business Wannasign in Wetaskiwin.

This business is locally owned and operated and they are making decals for vehicles FREE to supporters of Fort McMurray. One per vehicle.  If you want more then one bring all your vehicles.

Yes, I went and got my decal the next day! Thank you so much Wannasign!

Alberta Strong

Please watch this video!

Well, in the video there was my son with the Alberta Strong decal on his truck.

I tip my hat to everyone who supported Fort McMurray , and who will be supporting them. We all are #ALBERTASTRONG

Also you can still donate to the Red Cross by texting FIRES to 45678, also online at, or by calling 1-800-418-1111

Also you can text REDCROSS to 30333

You can also donate at so many local community fundraisers and drop off goods at many drop off locations.

To the people of Fort McMurray , you are in my prayers!


Written by: Debbie

 Alberta Strong


  1. kristen visser | | Reply

    Thoughts and prayers have remained with you all. I donated the best I could to try and help out. I donated a bit of money as i dont have much and donated the clothes that I was going to take to the Salvation army but in this case, the people of Alberta needed them more!

  2. Cheryl | | Reply

    So nice to see the rally of support nation wide for the people of Ft. McMurray.

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