Baby’s First Photo Shoot!

So since I really started learning about my Nikon d5200, I’ve been craving more and more camera time – so I made some! After all, I do have the perfect model living right here in my home! For our first photo shoot with K, we did a Valentine’s Day theme! Thankfully I had the help of Kissy G – otherwise there would be a lot more “screamy” and “rolly” pictures in the bunch! You can see all the pictures on my website: Elektric Photography.

Before we started, I googled some “cute picture ideas” and made myself a list. We definitely wanted to have some lipstick kiss pictures from Kissy G, some adorable dress pictures, and some reading pictures – to name a few. We got all of our resources together and went to town!

We started with the kisses to make sure we got at least a few good shots before K smeared them all over herself! We discovered midway through that this would take a lot of retouching if we wanted them to look just right. Props to Kissy G for her extreme patience and to Weleda Baby Body Cream for removing the smudges as we went!

kairi 15 kairi 12 KAIRI 3

Kissy G was also creatively inclined and made her own homemade chalkboard out of an old picture frame, some plywood, and chalkboard paint! I tell ya – WAY cheaper than any chalkboards you can find in the stores or online! Kissy G’s other job was to jingle things, wave, and make funny faces at K to get her smiling. This got us a few good shots!

babys 1st dress DSC_0047 light red kairi 1

Next, we put my little model into her very own basket where she could sit and enjoy some reading time! (She can’t quite sit up on her own yet, so this gave her the balance she needed to do some sitting pictures.) She was very co-operative with us, as you can see.

kairi 9 kairi 8

Since we were doing a Valentine’s theme, I knew I wanted to have a banner in at least a few pictures, so I made one the night before using yarn, ribbon, craft paper, and stencils. It only took about an hour and even though it’s made from cheap materials that I found around the house, I think it looks really nice in the photos. And K thought it tasted pretty good too!

kairi 14 kairi 10

Going into it, I knew that I wanted a couple of abstracts that didn’t show any specific features. I was able to create this effect by leaving my lens completely zoomed out and getting super close to my subject until I got the frame I was looking for. Right now I only have a basic lens, but in doing this, I was able to create a small bokeh effect. My favourite picture is the fingers. K is so grabby and this picture is just so her!

kairi 6 foot hands

Another prop we used that worked wonders was a small piece of brightly coloured fabric! K loved it and even when she had it in her mouth, the pictures still turned out great. Towards the end of the shoot, K started getting antsy so I kept shooting and got some great “HULK, SMASH!” photos!


kairi 4 kairi smash 2 kairi smash

All in all, I think it turned out really good. I’m super happy with all of the images we got. I pared them down from 375 to 20 really good ones and then photoshopped the ones that I liked. I am going to keep looking for fun photo shoots to do with K, O, and the dogs, so if you have any great ideas for us, please let me know in the comments! I am so looking forward to getting some outdoor pictures in this beautiful spring weather we are having now!


 Baby’s First Photo Shoot!


  1. Journeys of The Zoo | | Reply

    Love the ones of K “reading” and kisses from Grandma. What a cutie!

    Besos Sarah.

  2. Cheryl | | Reply

    I just love the one with the kisses!! Too cute 🙂

    • kissygluvvym | | Reply

      Thank you! That was our inspiration to do the shoot! We wanted to have at least one keepsake from “Kissy Grandma”!

  3. Darlene W | | Reply

    A Grandmas kiss comes from the heart not just the lips

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