CONTEST! Happy Canada Day Eh?

As Canada Day approaches, we are reminded of all of the things that make our nation great: freedom, equality, a good health care system, beer, hockey, poutine, maple syrup; the list goes on and on and on and on!

BUT, there are also several misconceptions about Canadians that are believed to be completely true by non-Canadians: We live in igloos; we have polar bears for pets; “Sorry” is the number one word in our vocabulary; we are always saying things like “EH!” and “Oot and aboot”; Beavers and moose roam our yards; there is a Tim Hortons on every street corner; etc, etc.


It’s easy for “out-of-towners” to get lost in all of the stories and internet posts and eventually end up believing them, but honestly it’s a bit comical. Can you imagine waking up in the morning to a polar bear whining and pawing at your face for you to wake up and feed him breakfast? Can you even imagine waking up to a bear in your house?! I think I would pee my pants! Fortunately, in addition to being “sorry” all the time, we Canadians are also a forgiving people. So here it is, a list of all of the great things that actually are true about Canada (in no specific order):

  1. Patriotism – If you live in Canada, chances are you love living in Canada! On Canada Day, people go out in throngs to celebrate “our home and native land”, usually with grand displays of fireworks, a red & white wardrobe, LOTS of beer, facepaint, fake tattoos, and time spent with friends!
  2. Poutine – Do you like fries? Gravy? Cheese? If you answered yes to these questions, then you will LOVE poutine. If you haven’t yet tried a Real Canadian Poutine (the fast food joints just don’t stack up), then you should try making your own! It’s so easy to make, and SO delicious!the-canadian-brewhouse
  3. BEER – Any American can attest: beer is better in Canada. Though the alcohol limits in each country are very similar, it is well known that American beer is usually closer to 4% alcohol content, while Canadian popular beer brands are closer to the 5-6% alcohol content range. What does this mean? Less beer to get your buzz on = more cash in your wallet!
  4. Wildlife – Even though we don’t have moose and bears roaming through our yards, we do have several national parks to roam in and the chances of seeing at least some form of wildlife on a weekend away in the mountains is very high! The most popular park animals are: elk, white-tailed deer, black bears, big-horned sheep, moose, and on occasion a grizzly bear, though they prefer to stay far away from the sounds that we humans make!
  5. COLD winters, HOT summers! One of the benefits of living up north is the weather. You have to be able to put up with -40C a few days out of the year, but in return, you get to have amazingly hot summers!4d2d1de80cc8da1a006a8ad2e7b70cd9
  6. We invented basketball! Well, James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. If you want to learn more, you can visit the Naismith Museum in Almonte, Ontario!naismith_james
  7. We are funny! Some very well-known comedians call Canada home, including: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Russell Peters, John Candy, Seth Rogen, and Leslie Nielsen, to name a few.
  8. Music! We are home to a diverse group of musicians, ranging from Deadmau5 to Shania Twain to Anne Murray. We are proud to have lots of talented musicians call Canada home, including: Michael Buble, Justin Beiber, The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, Nickelback, k.d. lang, Celine Dion, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, and Arcade Fire. (And that’s just to name a few!)
  9.  Our money! We are well known around the world for our bright, colourful money, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Plus, despite the government denying the “maple syrup rumours”, I have smelled a new crisp $100 bill and it certainly does smell like maple syrup!yq36Lpj
  10. HOCKEY! (and lacrosse) Our national pastime is hockey, with approximately 50% of NHL players calling our grand country home! Canada houses 7 NHL teams: Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Montreal Canadians. We also have 3 NLL teams: Edmonton Rush, Calgary Roughnecks, and Toronto Rock! The NLL is getting bigger every year, and is SO fun to watch! I highly recommend seeing a lacrosse game if you can manage to get tickets!nhl-odds-3916

    Now I am well aware that I have barely scratched the surface of what makes Canada so great, but it can’t go on forever, so we will finally get to the contest details. In order to enter this contest to win a $25 gift card to Canadian Tire (our most Canadian shopping experience), tell us:

    What makes you proud to be Canadian?

    It could be your patriotism, your support of your local community, your love of poutine, or perhaps you identify with one of the common misconceptions about Canada.. I know I find myself saying EH on occasion. What is your defining Canadian feature?


 CONTEST! Happy Canada Day Eh?


  1. Carey Hurst | | Reply

    We have a perfect country to be who we want to be . We can enjoy many different avenues and can express ourselves . It is great to see our country becoming great again with our new federal government. We also have so much natural beauty in our lands and talents within the inhabitants

    • Lyubov Fridlyand | | Reply

      Healthcare is good.

  2. Andrea Amy | | Reply

    Everything makes me proud to be Canadian. Our wide open spaces, our beautiful nature/wild life, our friendly open people, our tolerance… Canada is just a beautiful country with beautiful people and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

  3. Dianne G. | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of the way we are like a big family. We work together to make life better for everyone. If there is a disaster Canadians are ready to help each other, if there is a celebration we all celebrate and we are very accepting of all people in general. I am also proud of how beautiful our country is.

  4. Karry Knisley | | Reply

    The beautiful landscapes, freedom of speech, unique foods and friendly people make me proud to be Canadian

  5. sarah | | Reply

    I’m proud to be a Canadian because we Canadians know we are the best country, but never feel the need to disrespect other countries, we welcome everyone into our beautiful home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Lyubov Fridlyand | | Reply

      I agree. Also, good healthcare.

  6. DeborahH | | Reply

    I am proud to be a Canadian because of the tolerance and diversity of Canada. Plus, we rock the World in Hockey 🙂

  7. Margo B | | Reply

    I am a proud Canadian because of the freedom we have in Canada, and the diversity of this Country makes me proud to call myself a Canadian. We have healthcare, what more can we ask for. Thanks for the chance to win

  8. Judy Cowan | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of the freedom we all have and the fact that Canadians for the most part are very polite. Poutine & Maple Syrup well those are bonuses!

  9. Carina Vause | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of our kind tolerant attitudes. Because of our Healthcare system that ensures every one has access to the care they need. Because its beautiful and peaceful here. Because our collective national pride warms my heart. I could go on all day…. Canada rocks !

  10. Julie F | | Reply

    Canada has everything going for it really, we have the most amazing landscapes and the nicest people!

  11. Dean | | Reply

    The Diversity of our country makes me proud to be Canadian

    • Deana | | Reply


  12. Jay Nelson | | Reply

    I love our safety, education/healthcare, values, freedoms and our Nationals and Provincial Parks. I also like the size of Canada.

  13. kristen visser | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because we have such kind, accepting people here, we have such beautiful scenery and I feel safe here

  14. Florence C | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian. I feel free and I live in a beautiful province.

  15. DORIS HUMBER | | Reply

    When I see the beautiful landscapes that many of our provinces have, it makes me proud to be Canadian. We are rich in natural resources, and the beauty of our natural land is absolutely stunning.

  16. gayle bellemare | | Reply

    Our country is beautiful and life can be so good here, but what makes me most proud is that so many of us Canadians reach out to those less fortunate, the hungry, the disadvantaged and realize that no matter how little we have, we have so much more than some. We have so much to give be it donations, volunteering or our time, encouragement, a kind word, a smile. I see Canadians helping Canadians everywhere I go and my heart is proud!

  17. Steph | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because we have such a diverse country which allows us to learn so much! I am also proud because anywhere else you go in the world they always say, Canadians are so nice, which is a great reputation to have!

  18. Catherine Maguire | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of the wonderful cultures and people, and the beautiful landscapes full of cool animals.

  19. Louanne Baelde | | Reply

    Love that Canada is free and accepting of all cultures! So proud to be Canadian!

  20. Christine Holliday | | Reply

    Well that was well done, ladies. Not much left to be said! I am, however, really proud of our current Prime Minister.

  21. Sarah De Diego | | Reply

    I’m proud that Canadians are accepting of people regardless of where they were born, who they were born to and/or how much money they have. People are generally accepted for who they are on the inside. And that we’re so giving. Case in point, this giveaway!

    Besos Sarah.

  22. Scott MacMillan | | Reply

    We are one of the worlds top countries for freedom and are a lesson for all nations on how to live to live together in a muti-cultural society in a peaceful and harmonious manner.We have problems,yes,but not the divisions and outright hatred of others that are experienced in many other countries with large scale immigration.There 129 different dialects spoken by children at my neighbourhood public school here in Parkdale.I interact and learn the stories and history of people from so very many nations living here.It is a real joy for me to know that people are people no matter where they come from and that its mass media and politics that seek to divide us.Deep down we all want the same things.A happy and safe life for ourselves and our loved ones.Whether you were born here or immigrated here,it doesn’t matter.You won the lottery of life living in this nation.I feel blessed.

  23. LILLIAN BROWN | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of the freedoms we have and the love we all share of our beautiful country

  24. lynn clayton | | Reply

    my fredom my wide open spaces and that we are a friendly bunch. we also have gun controll so im grateful

  25. Julie bolduc | | Reply

    I love how we are so polite and I love all the greenery

  26. Lynda Cook | | Reply

    I’m proud to be Canadian because of our healthcare, and our freedom of speech!!

  27. Carole Dube | | Reply

    We have a beautiful country! We have freedom; we live in a muti-cultural society; the people are so polite and we have pride.

  28. Josh S | | Reply

    Our beautiful nature and our friendly citizens make me proud to be Canadian.

  29. Darlene W | | Reply

    Hand in hand we stand across our land. Diverse languages and customs abound and make our Nation strong. We are blessed from the east coast to the west, with an abundance of beautifully crafted natural landscapes. I am PROUD to say I am CANADIAN and stand in awe of this country of ours!

  30. Tainan Lu | | Reply

    The environment makes me proud to be Canadian

  31. ginette4 | | Reply

    The freedom that I have in my country and the fact that we are so darn polite and every nation loves us 🙂

  32. krystyl olson | | Reply

    what makes me MOST proud (because there is MANY, MANY REASONS) is that Canadians are internationally known as KIND, GENEROUS AND POLITE PEOPLE.

  33. Julia | | Reply

    I love that we have the basics that so many other countires don’t have – clean water, housing, enough food, etc. I realize that Canada isn’t perfect, and that some people don’t have a home or enough food….but, for most people, we do have the basic needs met. And that isn’t true for most of the world. So many 3rd world countires, where simple things like water are virtually impossible for everyone… sad. Here, most of us have access to the basics. And I’m very pround of that.

  34. Sunshine H | | Reply

    That we are often considered a leader in equity issues, human rights, peacekeeping issues, and even science and technology. We have so much to offer as a country.

  35. Amy C | | Reply

    I feel proud to be a Canadian because we live in a wonderful country. There is so many things that make Canada great and I love them all.

  36. Elizabeth R | | Reply

    Canadians are always the first to offer help when needed.

  37. Juliee Fitze | | Reply

    I live in the best country you can and very proud to be a Canadian.

  38. Wendy Jensen | | Reply

    What makes me proud to be a Canadian is when in other countries we seem to be very well accepted by the people and they are interested in our country. EH!

  39. Nate Fuller | | Reply

    Despite people’s differences our population remains civil and peaceful for the most part, making everyone feel safe and United.

  40. Stephanie LaPlante | | Reply

    I’m proud to be Canadian because we are a free country, we’re peaceful and we love and embrace those who need us.

  41. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | | Reply

    Poutine for sure. What isn’t there to love.

  42. Seham M | | Reply

    that I proudly live in a country with freedom and diversity

  43. Treen Goodwin | | Reply

    I am a proud Canadian , because i am free and have a beautiful place to live and of course the healthcare 🙂

  44. toni v | | Reply

    our coast to coast dialects!

  45. Sausan | | Reply

    I am proud to live in a country that allows me to be who I am without judgement

  46. Sunshine G | | Reply

    We are tolerant, polite and determined to make the world a nicer place.

  47. Karla Sceviour | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because we are accepting of everyone as they are,and are the nicest people in the world!! 😉

  48. Jonnie | | Reply

    Our history makes me proud to be Canadian. Our country was built by hard working people and I like to think hard workers is still our best resource.

  49. Pam | | Reply

    What makes me proud to be a Canadian is how wonderful Canadians are, open minded and kind and generous.

  50. Cheryl | | Reply

    I am proud because of our freedom and that we live in a friendly country 🙂

  51. Wanda Bergman | | Reply

    I love the freedom we have in Canada.

  52. Jeanette Jackson | | Reply

    I am proud of all the Canadian Veterans who fought so I and my descendants can live in this free country.

  53. ivy pluchinsky | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because we live in such an amazing Country! So many nice caring compassionate people here, and the scenery is amazing.

  54. Gee Jones | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because our country is diverse, beautiful, tolerant and we live free!

  55. Anne-Marie Tvete | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because we are very kind.

  56. wendy hutton | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian as we are the kindest most thoughtful caring people ever, and we stand behind each other and fight for our rights, like healthcare and free speech

  57. Joanne Horner | | Reply

    I love CANADA! I just can’t wait to go to Ottawa for our 150th birthday party next year 2017. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! CANADA!

  58. Wanda Tracey | | Reply

    Love being a Canadian eh! The people from coast to coast are special, happy, industrious and proud.We are a multicultural nation that leads the way for peace and we Canadians stand for freedom! I love the opportunities that this freedom allows us.We can do and be anything in our
    careers and that alone is just amazing.This is the land of opportunity!

  59. Glogirl | | Reply

    What makes me proud to be a Canadian is all the freedoms we enjoy. We truly are a blessed Country!

  60. Melissa Finn | | Reply

    I’m proud of how diverse and accepting Canada is and that we are known worldwide for it!

  61. Mary Anne LaRocque-Ouamar | | Reply

    The sheer beauty of our country coast to coast to coast. Our freedom and our sense of humour!!

  62. Robyn Bellefleur | | Reply

    I love all the freedoms that our country allows.

  63. Tina L. | | Reply

    Freedom, diversity and all the different cultures

  64. Joanne Frank | | Reply

    I am a PROUD Canadian because we welcome people of all cultures to our Country with open arms. We love to help people and love to give and not recieve . HAPPY CANADA DAY EH!!! CHEERS!!

  65. Tracy D | | Reply

    These past few weeks, I’ve been reminded again how lucky we are to be in a stable, welcoming, open, and free country. Thank you Canada!

  66. Jenny | | Reply

    Im proud to be canadian for freedom of speech and HOCKEY!

  67. Alison Braidwood | | Reply

    The fact that we are peacekeepers and known throughout the world as a safe place to live makes me proud to be Canadian.

  68. lori butler | | Reply

    I love how diversified we are as acountry

  69. Alexis M | | Reply

    I am proud because no matter where we go we can display our flag and are welcomed!

  70. tracy k | | Reply

    freedom of religion!

  71. josephine evans | | Reply

    I am a proud Canadian! Always looking out for others in need, always willing to give a helping hand.

  72. Maria | | Reply

    I love our freedom, our beautiful places and our delicious food

  73. dave | | Reply

    I love our safety and freedom of religion!

  74. Liana Rois | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of our freedom, the beauty of our country, the multi-culturalism, health care, the friendly people and our great Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

  75. LUZVIMINDA Gunter-Smith | | Reply

    I love the different cultures

  76. Barb W | | Reply

    What doesn’t make me proud? We are the best country there is!

  77. heather sibley | | Reply

    our military makes me proud to be canadian

  78. sabina Edwards | | Reply

    The equality … (gay marriage pops into my mind )oh and OUR politics LOL … did anyone google how to leave Canada after an election? maybe..but not that it actually made the news …

  79. Lynne M | | Reply

    I am so proud of our freedom! We are so fortunate.

  80. Tara Betterley | | Reply

    I am so proud to be Canadian. It is hard to explain. We have so much freedom, we have the ability to express our beliefs and when we need help, we have a country that tries to help you.

  81. Jennifer L. | | Reply

    I’m proud to live in this beautiful country where I feel safe and free.

  82. leana | | Reply

    Living in such a beautiful country with such great people makes me proud to be Canadian!

  83. Jenness M | | Reply

    I’m proud that we welcoming to all cultures and that we’re so darn polite!

  84. Julie-Lynne McCann | | Reply

    I love how we love everyone & care …

  85. Jana Liu | | Reply

    I love our multiculturalism and great outdoors

  86. Krista M | | Reply

    It’s so special how we all come together in times of need to donate & give help each other in crisis. Our healthcare system something I feel proud of & we are friendly, diverse, & free.

  87. Sara Rai | | Reply

    Love the multiculturalism:)

  88. Heather Howard | | Reply

    Free health care.
    Being recognized for being friendly.
    Feeling safe.

  89. Jodi Mitrovic | | Reply

    I love Canada for all of its beautiful, heritage and diversity! I feel safe raising my sons here and love the word EH! Happy 149th Birthday Canada! Thank you for a fantastic contest! Good luck all!

  90. Piroska | | Reply

    I love our beautiful scenery. From the gorgeous coasts to the glorious Rockies and everything in-between.

  91. maria | | Reply

    Everything, our nature, our love of our city.

  92. Angela September | | Reply

    i love our healthcare! it’s top notch!

  93. Shane Smith | | Reply

    i love our lakes they are beautiful

  94. michelle matta | | Reply

    I’m proud of our healthcare.. especially now that I’ve had a million dollar surgery in May. Amazing!

  95. Leanne S | | Reply

    I have to say I have a healthy addiction to poutine… good eh?!

  96. heidi c. | | Reply

    I love the kindness of the people, the beauty of the land and the freedom that Canada offers us!

  97. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian as we are a country that encourages everyone to be accepting of others differences

  98. Rebby | | Reply

    What makes me proud to be Canadian is our diversity, in people, in landscape, in thoughts, religions, an opinions!

  99. Linda | | Reply

    The fact that we have beautiful natural surroundings makes me proud to be a Canadian.

  100. Belinda McNabb | | Reply

    I like that we are so friendly!

  101. Nancy J Montgomery | | Reply

    I’m proud to be a Canadian because we know the value of gun control.

  102. Maritess | | Reply

    Where in the world would people open the door for you? Canadians still do.

  103. Lynda Cook | | Reply

    I left a comment on the post window-painting-step-by-step!!

  104. Amber Y | | Reply

    I’m proud that Canada is a safe place to live . I know there are always exceptions and not everyone here lives as safely as I do, but it’s something we deffinitely take for granted and something worth being proud of.

  105. Toby | | Reply

    We’re one big family and Canadians are there for one another!

  106. Lynda Cook | | Reply

    Commented on Fun Decorating Easter Eggs!

  107. Bo Simms | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because it is a great country that cares about its citizens, with good medical health care, and strict gun control so we don’t have the type of violence that we see too often on the news nowadays. I believe our country is a tolerant one, that we welcome different religions and ethnicity, and there are opportunities for all in this wonderful and scenic land, and we co-exist rather peacefully despite any differences. Canadians are one of a kind, we look out for each other, help and support each other, and we should all be very proud to be Canadians, and live in a country that has freedom, great education, and a safe place to live and raise our children in.

  108. BobbiJo Pentney | | Reply

    There are many things that make me proud to be a Canadian, but most of all it is all the smiles I see.

  109. Caryn Coates | | Reply

    I love our Country because of our freedom and Canada is absolutely beautiful. Very proud Canadian here:)

  110. Erika Letson | | Reply

    I am proud to be Canadian because of the freedom we have and how beautiful our country is!

  111. Lindsay Threlkeld | | Reply

    What makes me proud to be Canadian is how were viewed positively on the global scale! When travelling people love hearing that were from Canada!

  112. Rhonda W G. | | Reply

    I’m super proud to be Canadian for our freedom and safety! I’m blessed for our medical care and so much more…

  113. Geoff McCann | | Reply

    It’s the attitude towards life that we have.It’s our love of hockey and passion towards the sport.It’s just that we are Canadian and we are so glad we are!!

  114. sabina Edwards | | Reply

    SK has gotten its fair share of rain recently and I saw a post on fb where there is a BEAVER in a parking lot in the city of REgina

  115. lisa neutel | | Reply

    I am proud to be a Canadian, part of a caring peaceful free nation with beautiful season changes and amazing people

  116. Suzanne - Kawartha Mums | | Reply

    Three are many things that make me proud to be Canadian.
    Did you know Canada ranks as the second one best place to live in the world ?

  117. Lynda Cook | | Reply

    Paintnight what a blast

  118. Alaina-Lee Monster | | Reply

    Our beautiful land and diversity of people make me a proud Canadian

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