Cross Country Skiing at Hidden Springs!

Winter in Alberta is coming quickly to an end – in FEBRUARY! That being said, we sure had fun! K and I went cross country skiing twice this winter with K’s aunties and grandma at Hidden Springs Retreat! To get there, you drive west on Highway 13 from the Village at Pigeon Lake for about 15 minutes until you see a sign for the Retreat. The landscape is filled with foothills and valleys and is absolutely beautiful!

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When you arrive at the retreat, all of the equipment is available to use at no charge and there are even two field guides (a beautiful border collie and handsome great pyranese) to lead you around the 5 km track.

img_3780 img_6474 dsc_0212 img_3770

They even had a specially fitted sled so that I could pull K behind me while I skiied!

dsc_0250 img_3782

If possible, I think our dogs, Link (bigger) and Nimbus (smaller), had the most fun out of all of us! They spent the whole time running through the fields with their new friends!

img_3762 img_3777 dsc_0254 dsc_0239

We give the Hidden Springs Retreat two giant thumbs up for their hospitality, their fantastically groomed trails, and for offering a fun outdoor activity to families at no charge!

 Cross Country Skiing at Hidden Springs!

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  1. Krista M | | Reply

    I’ve never been cross country skiing before but it looks like a fun winter outing & a great workout!

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