Finger Cookin’ with Boston Pizza Giveaway

Finger Cookin’ with Boston Pizza! If you watch TV, listen to the radio, surf the web, or receive mail (basically if you don’t live under a rock), then you have seen the Finger Cooking ad campaign. If you haven’t yet seen it, take 30 seconds out of your day to watch this video:

I personally think it’s hilarious, a refreshingly funny display squished between the usual commercials – a man dramatically driving a car, an eccentric group of townspeople who find interesting ways to “taste the rainbow”, and a dubbed-over version of a woman helping her son clean his room to impress some girls. So kudos, Boston Pizza. Finger cooking it is!

Now we don’t eat out a whole lot in our family, but when we do Boston Pizza is the preference. O’s favourite is to order a “crate” of wings (honey garlic and barbeque flavours), while the husband is partial to the lasagne and the smoky mountain meatballs! And I like to peruse the menu each time we order. Often I go for the chicken caesar salad (YUM YUM), sometimes I feel like the roasted beet and peach salad (delicious), and other times I am in the mood for the thai chicken bites. Whatever we order, you can be sure that there is always at least one Bandera Bread on the order (family favourite).

Even just watching this ad makes me hungry for some Bandera Bread, and for some reason whenever I think takeout, I think finger cooking! Now don’t get me wrong, I do love eating out at our local Boston Pizza in Wetaskiwin. The service is fantastic and the food is always delicious, but it can be difficult to get the whole family out the door to eat in at the restaurant.

What do you want to #fingercook on Boston Pizza’s menu? Tell us in the comments for your chance to win a $25 Boston Pizza Gift Card towards your own #fingercooking! Make sure to fill out the giveaway form to complete your entry!
Contest is open to residents of Canada of legal age, excluding Quebec.
Finger Cookin with @kissygluvvym to win a $25 Boston Pizza Gift Card!
 Finger Cookin’ with Boston Pizza Giveaway


  1. joy | | Reply

    haven’t eaten at Boston Pizza in AGES!! i would love to try the spicy perogi pizza, for sure!

  2. Elena | | Reply

    I like the Boston lasagna.

  3. Lisa Smith | | Reply

    We usually get the perogie pizza or nachos.

  4. Carole Dube | | Reply

    Pizza is my favourite!

  5. Amy Heffernan | | Reply

    I LOVE their Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini!! YuM!! Thanks!

  6. Cheryl Almas | | Reply

    I love pizza. It is my favorite item.

  7. Angela September | | Reply

    I love the grilled chicken pecan salad it is delicious!!

  8. LILLIAN BROWN | | Reply

    I would choose their Cactus Cut Potatoes

  9. nicolthepickle | | Reply

    I really like the spicy perogy pizza.

  10. Nancy J Montgomery | | Reply

    love the Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizza.

  11. ivy pluchinsky | | Reply

    My favorite menu item from Boston Pizza is their flatbread

  12. Marjorie Roy | | Reply

    I would get pizza with lots of pepperoni.

  13. angela marriott | | Reply

    I love their perogy pizza

  14. Andrea Amy | | Reply

    Pesto Chicken Penne is my current favourite.

  15. Treen Goodwin | | Reply

    Pizza is my all time Fave from Boston Pizza , i am a huge pizza lover , thanks for the chance 🙂

  16. Elizabeth R | | Reply

    My favourite is the spicy sausage penne, with garlic toast.

  17. Susan M | | Reply

    I love their pizza.

  18. Catherine Maguire | | Reply

    I love the Fried Wings.

  19. Doris Humber | | Reply

    I love their meat lovers pizza.

  20. Christine Holliday | | Reply

    I like their Beef dip. They are calling it the Big Dipper. It’s excellent!

  21. Joanne Frank | | Reply

    Cactus cuts

  22. Krista M | | Reply

    Love the Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger! It’s my 2 favorite dishes put together into one awesome meal!

  23. Amy M | | Reply

    I like the Chipotle Chicken Club sandwich.

  24. Bernice | | Reply

    I’ve been wanting to try the cactus cut nachos

  25. Joni W | | Reply

    I love pizza. Pizza is my favourite and they even have gluten free for me! I’ve GOT to try the nachos

  26. Kim Tanti | | Reply

    I just had it for Mothers day. The Big Dip. Yum

  27. V. Hill | | Reply

    Pizza. Meat and extra cheese.

  28. Cheryl | | Reply

    My fave is The Meateor pizza!! 🙂

  29. Louann Bell | | Reply


  30. Florence C | | Reply

    I like the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

  31. Dianne G. | | Reply

    Zorba the Greek Pizza is our favourite menu item at Boston Pizza.

  32. Julie F | | Reply

    I love the Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini

  33. lynn clayton | | Reply

    spicy steak yummy

  34. joanne darell | | Reply

    We like the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza.

  35. kristen visser | | Reply

    My favorite Boston Pizza menu item is the Steak Sandwich mmmmmmm drool worthy

  36. Karla Sceviour | | Reply

    Spicy Perogy pizza!

  37. Judy Cowan | | Reply

    I love their Big Dipper Sandwich, so yummy!

  38. maria | | Reply

    I love their deluxe pizza with the shrimp.

  39. Crystal Porter | | Reply

    The fellers at the Boston pizza in our neighborhood have custom made us things that were not on the menu like a chicken Caesar salad pizza.

  40. Jenn | | Reply

    I love the Mediterranean vegetable fettuccini.

  41. Amy C | | Reply

    My favourite is ham and bacon pizza.

  42. Maryanne | | Reply

    Boston Brute!

  43. Tara Betterley | | Reply

    I really like the Steak and Veggies and the Hawiian Pizza.. For Dessert I love the New York Cheesecake..

  44. Darrah Bailey | | Reply

    MMM I LOVE Boston Pizza! Spicy Perogy pizza is my FAVE!

  45. Julie bolduc | | Reply

    I like their slider burgers

  46. Belinda McNabb | | Reply

    the meat lovers pizza is my favorite

  47. Jonnie | | Reply

    I loved their pulled pork sliders but they don’t have them anymore. Now my favorite is the Big Dipper but I hope they bring the sliders back soon.

  48. dave | | Reply

    Pizza is my fave.

  49. Tina L. | | Reply

    I like the Pesto Chicken Penne

  50. Josh S | | Reply

    I really like the spicy perogy pizza.

  51. Tainan Lu | | Reply

    Pizza is my favorite.

  52. heidi c. | | Reply

    I am a fan of BP’s nachoes!

  53. em | | Reply

    I love the Jambalaya Fettuccini

  54. SUMMER PLEWES | | Reply

    I love the Baked Chipotle Chicken Penne ! love it. It is delish!

  55. Rob Urbach | | Reply

    Double Bacon BBQ Burger

  56. Bailey Dexter | | Reply

    I love that they have gluten free items, my favourite is the Boston’s Famous Wings!

  57. Brandee H | | Reply

    We had dinner at BP last night!! I rotate between the Chicken Caesar salad and the chicken quesadilla.

  58. Mark V | | Reply

    Baked Chipotle Bacon Penne yum

  59. tracy k | | Reply

    great white north pizza’s my favourite!

  60. Jenness M | | Reply

    I love BP’s Baked Chipotle Bacon Penne!

  61. Gillian Morgan | | Reply

    I love their Chicken Parmesan.

  62. Elaina K | | Reply

    The Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger! Yummy

  63. Zahra P | | Reply

    The butter chicken pizza is my favourite and I can finger cook that anytime!

  64. Valerie Mallette | | Reply

    My favourite menu item at Boston Pizza is their Pepperoni Pizza.

  65. Toby | | Reply

    We love the Perogy pizza!

  66. Nicole B | | Reply

    I love their spicy italian calzone!

  67. Jay Nelson | | Reply

    I am a huge fan of the beet and peach salad.

  68. Jenny | | Reply

    I like the Boston lasagna

  69. Sandra F. | | Reply

    I like all things pizza.

  70. Amie | | Reply

    The pizza ~ my fave !!!

  71. sage | | Reply

    Bacon cheeseburger pizza

  72. Jennifer C | | Reply

    We love the Boston Royale Pizza and of course the Yummy Burgers and wings

  73. sarah sar | | Reply

    Their BBQ chicken pizza looks amazing!!

  74. CL Chin | | Reply

    I have never been to Boston pizza yet but I think I’d enjoy any of their pizzas.

  75. Maritess | | Reply

    My favourite is Perogy Pizza.

  76. Sarah Forrester | | Reply

    Love the baked seven cheese ravioli.

  77. M | | Reply

    I like their Oven-Roasted Wings

  78. Sunshine G | | Reply

    Hawaiian pizza, of course!

  79. Michelle | | Reply

    The Baked-Seven Cheese Ravioli is delicious!

  80. MaryG | | Reply

    I love the BP’s Prime Burger w cheese & bacon…gotta go all out 😉

  81. Tammy Dalley | | Reply

    I love their Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini

  82. Tracy D | | Reply

    I love their Prime Rib Burger!

  83. Wayne Lecoy | | Reply

    It would be great to win a $25 Boston Pizza Gift Card.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favourite menu item at Boston Pizza ?
    My favourite menu item is the Great White North Pizza.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  84. Tricia Cooper | | Reply

    My favourite menu item @BostonPizza is The Big Dipper!

  85. Loretta | | Reply

    love their Cactus Cut Potatoes

  86. Travelbuds | | Reply

    I love their Chicken Calzone.

  87. Rhonda W G. | | Reply

    I like the Glutenwise pizza with added feta, pineapple, mushrooms and smoked ham.

  88. wendy hutton | | Reply

    I love their Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini

  89. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | | Reply

    Pizza is our all time Fave from Boston Pizza – thats what we get all the time 🙂

  90. Pam | | Reply

    I like the boston royal pizza.

  91. Enrique Lynd | | Reply

    Yes, you could use a foam roller. I used real hair round brushes to apply the chalk paint, but you can use a roller or even a paint sprayer with chalk paint.

  92. Amber Y | | Reply

    I love their Spicy Perogy pizza. It is delicious and I order one almost every time we visit.

  93. gene d | | Reply

    there’s a number of great items but the buffalo chicken sandwhich is great!

  94. Rebby | | Reply

    The Tuscan Pizza is my fave!!

  95. Erika Letson | | Reply

    My favourite menu item at Boston Pizza is Pesto Chicken Penne. Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. Barb W | | Reply

    My favourite is Zorba the Greek!

  97. Carey Hurst | | Reply

    Nachos , Nachos and more Nachos

  98. Kathryn | | Reply

    I love the pierogie pizza

  99. Monique L.S. | | Reply

    I like the Pesto Chicken Penne.

  100. Julie-Lynne McCann | | Reply

    I love Chocolate Explosion Cheesecake totally AMAZING!!

  101. krystyl olson | | Reply

    OMG, I love thier Prime Rib Burger …. With a side of sweet potato fries?? HECK YES!

  102. Wanda Tracey | | Reply

    I love their Great White North pizza and their BBQ`d wings.
    Their food is really good.

  103. KellyPC | | Reply

    I love the baked cheese ravioli!

  104. SweetPanda | | Reply

    My favourite is Hawaiian pizza

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