Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table

I love shopping local. I love shopping Albertan made products! I love shopping Canadian made products!

I was thrilled to see a post on a local Facebook Buy and Sell site from Klein’s Custom Wood about handmade wooden kitchen tables. I immediately showed the pictures of tables available to my husband and messaged Klein’s Custom Wood to see if they could make a table for us in the small size I needed. They were quick to respond with a YES! I was thrilled.

Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table

With no importing and travelling thousands of miles the price was beyond reasonable and I went ahead and placed my order.

I have always liked rustic pretty much anything. My home decor has lots of rustic and wooden pieces in it. I have seen more and more rustic tables at furniture stores. I just was never that impressed with the quality of furniture from mass retailers and it was always imported furniture. I love the look and the style and it is just so perfect for my home! My table is made out of fir wood for the top of the table and the legs, and those are some very durable legs, are made from pine wood. The quality and craftsmanship of this table is superb. James was also was kind enough to message me the stain and varnish he used so if we get some wear and tear on this piece, we can easily touch it up and add more varnish so this table can last us a very long time.

I have old  (antique really) chairs that I have had given to me and that I have bought at garage sales. Some chairs I have refurbished with stain and varnish. Some chairs i have given a coat of paint. I bought this paint at our local paint store  Hanson’s Paint and Decor in Wetaskiwin. They are always so very helpful and carry many quality paint products like Benjamin Moore paints. I used Benjamin moore Impervo alkyd high-gloss enamel  in Black K133-80 for a long lasting finish on two old chairs I had in storage in the shed.

Benjamin Moore
Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table

I think they add character to my kitchen. I need to locate a couple more chairs and then I am thinking about painting them a nice red and add some fun color.


Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table


After prepping the old chairs getting them ready to refinish.

Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table

The table set we had before was the bar style height of a table. It looked nice enough, but did not work well for some members of the family who were on the shorter side. They said their legs would fall asleep and I was scared of the elderly having a fall when getting off the chairs.  Also the vinyl upholstered chairs never lasted us one year. They look terrible.

I absolutely love my my new table and it’s perfect for my house! Thank you Klein’s Custom Wood for the magnificent piece of furniture for my house!

Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table



Klein’s Custom Wood   – https://www.facebook.com/customizedwood/

Hanson’s Paint and Decor  – https://www.facebook.com/HansonsPaintDecor/?fref=nf

Benjamin Moore Paints  –  https://www.facebook.com/benjaminmoorepaints/?fref=ts


written by : Debbie


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I bought locally and am love supporting local business and quality products!

 Handmade Rustic Kitchen Table

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