Log Inn Pub Neighbourhood Public house in Avola British Columbia

Jasper National Park overflow camping

This summer we took an RVing road trip travelling up through Jasper then onto Valemount, British Columbia.
The first night we camped overnight in the overflow camping at Jasper as unless there is a cancellation you need to book long in advance to get a camp spot. We were very comfortable there and by morning the campers camped in the overflow there was phenomenal. We were told take there is over 2000 camp spots in Jasper National park, and all are full. We went into Jasper on the rainy evening for supper and then a tiny bit of shopping for some fudge, then back to the RV, for an early bedtime, as there were no fires allowed and it was pouring rain.
The next morning, we made our way onto Valemount. I asked at a gas station where would be a nice place to camp to a local fellow filling his truck up with gas. He suggested the Yellowhead RV Park and Campground. The fellow said that if we planned on doing some drinking then if we camped there, we could just walk into town. (we had a good laugh at that answer.) We did go to the Yellowhead RV Park and Campground and it is a very nice, clean, well taken care of campsite. It has new showers and the bathrooms and showers are extremely clean. The campsite has a creek alongside of it where the salmon were spawning. It was the first time we ever seen the salmon spawning, we respected the rules as it is most important for the well being of the eggs the salmon are laying.

Log Inn & Pub
Salmon spawning
Log Inn & Pub
Log Inn & Pub

We toured the area around Valemount and we drove Yellowhead Highway to Avola. We took a drive into the town and there was this amazing log building called the Log Inn & Pub. We drove by it, turned around and drove by again. As we were driving by the second time, a fellow hollered at us “Don’t Just drive by, come on in!” We smiled and parked so enchanted with the building.  We were greeted inside by by owner Larry Meneidinger and Tammy Wilson. Hospitality at it’s finest for sure.

Log Inn & Pub


The Log Inn & Pub is so quaint and charming filled with nostalgia and is decorated with log furniture and has the cutest mascot “Cheeks!” There is a pool table and The Log Inn & Pub are famous for their burgers.


As Tammy shared history and details about the Inn , and a tour, I found myself in the most unique place ever. Gorgeous decor. This is such a unique Inn. Pictures tell it all. The area is know for snowmobilers and they have a nice warm place to turn themselves in at night after a day snowmobiling.

I must say we were made to feel so at home here and I would highly recommend stopping in to the Log Inn & Pub in Avola, B.C. for a burger, a refreshment or for a stay in their Inn. Such a unique and quaint place! Hospitality at it’s finest!


Links: Log Inn &Pub Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Log-Inn-Pub-Avola-Bc-Canada-131074946949776/?fref=ts

Log Inn & Pub Website:  http://www.theloginnandpub.com/home-mainPage

YellowHead Campground Valemount B.C. :  http://www.yellowheadcampground.com/gallery.php

Yellowhead Campground Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yellowhead-Camping-and-RV-Park-Valemount-BC/217074575006593




Written by: Debbie


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am sharing this as I found these places unique and worth sharing so more people can visit and enjoy these places.


 Log Inn Pub Neighbourhood Public house in Avola British Columbia

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    Very nice! I’d love to visit there some day….sounds like a fantastic spot.

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