NuWorld Botanicals Diffuser Zen Blends and Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser


I have had the most sensational experience trying out NuWorld Botanicals Diffuser Zen Blends and a Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser that Nuworld Botanicals sent me. My home is smelling so inviting and I can pick a different scent to match our activities for the day.

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I received a Travel & Try-Me Kit with 6 different Everyday blends.

The kit includes:

Brain Boost -a stimulating blend of basil and bergamot

Get your Om On -a Mediterranean blend of frankincense and ylang ylang

Eucalyptus Steam -a purifying blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint

Happy Vibes -a cheerful blend of sweet orange and lime

Peace of Mind -a relaxing blend of lavender and neroli

Hot Yoga -a balancing blend of black pepper and sandalwood


I find all these scents very inviting in my home. I particularly find the scent of Happy Vibes to be pleasing to my senses. I love the smell of citrus. Today I am using Brain Boost as I have much bookwork to do and I think it is very suitable! My whole family is really enjoying the scents these oils bring to our home.


The Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser diffuses the scents with a fine mist and fills the room. So easy to use, just fill the water to the line and then add the required amount of drops on NuWorld Botanicals 100% pure essential oil blends bottles.  The dropper from the bottle makes this incredibly simple.

Then I just go about my day. You don’t have to worry if you forget to shut the diffuser off, as it has a progressive ultra-sonic technology and automatic shut-off.

I also find the Stadler form Jasmine diffuser very pleasing to the eye, adding style to my home.

Written by: Debbie

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 NuWorld Botanicals Diffuser Zen Blends and Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser

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